Deploying on shared host

how do you make rails run in production mode when deploying in a
shared hosting environment? thanks in advance -mike

How are you starting your server process( be it in development or
whatever )?
Are they useing FCGI, Mongrel, Lighty etc?
How are you deploying to them( Capistrano? )?

Hi, thanks for your response. I am using FCGI at the moment.

OK and how are you deploying this app?

On Aug 15, 10:05 am, “Michael Bannister” [email protected]

Cool thanks for all your help. I had to force the ENV_RAILS variable
in environments.rb like you suggested.

by the way. everything works fine (application works, etc) except that
it’s using the development database connection in database.yml

I’m having trouble getting capistrano working on os x (just moved from
a linux laptop to a macbook pro) so at the moment i’m copying the
files via scp from my development directory to the host (a2hosting).

Sorry forgot to add
In your environment.rb you’ll see on line 5

ENV[‘RAILS_ENV’] ||= ‘production’

Just un-comment that line and it will force Rails into production mode

And you’ve got them defined differently in your database.yml?.
I’m not sure how that’s really possible if you running in production.
When the app throws an error do you see the full stack trace on the
screen?(of you production version)

On Aug 15, 10:34 am, “Michael Bannister” [email protected]