Deploying on a media temple (dv) server

Does anyone have any experience with this or do they have any
I have been trying to deploy a basic radiant install to a media temple
(dv) account,
Following the instructions here
and modifying the setup slightly (to point to my rails app instead of
their testapp)

no configuration errors but the application fails minus the ability to
navagate to (this works perfectly)

Any insight to my setup problem would be greatly appreciated

I don’t know if this helps but I have recently been trying to do
something similar. In media temple’s rails instructions it says that
by default the app will be in production mode. So, I entered in my db
configuration information for production. That didn’t work. When I
entered the correct db settings under development though, everything
worked fine. So, you might check there.

BTW - I am on the grid server which is a little different.