Deploying multiple applications on Nginx/Mysql stack without subdomains

Hi Everybody!

I need some help with a RoR Server I am setting up…

I need to run multiple rails applications on one server, each app with
it’s own domain (, etc)… I think Nginx is
more suitable for this than apache, so I’m trying to figure out what
to do (I always deployed on apache machines). I’m going to use
capistrano/deprec for the stack installation and application
deployment, but I don’t think there is any ‘standard’ recipe that fits
my situation, so was thinking to use the custom recipes found at
(i’m not on slicehost but should work anyway) and change them
according to my needs… My idea was to write an add_application task
to deploy the app, but customizing the configure_nginx so that if the
nginx.conf file is already on the server (created by another
application) it just adds a virtual host to the file insteas of
overwriting it…

Is this a viable solution or is there an easier/better way to do this?

Any feedback would be appreciated…

(Thanks to jonmagic for the recipes… As a beginner I found them very