Deploying mongrel_cluster without sudo rights

Hello all,

I am in the looking at capistrano to deploy our near future Rails
application on RHEL 4.4 servers. I followed the instructions at the
site below and everything worked fine.

After meeting with the SAs I was told that username used to deploy the
apps will not have access to sudo. Its seems that all the
mongrel_cluster recipes require sudo to start/stop/restart mongrel

When I run the mongrel cluster without sudo everything “looks” ok but
the mongrel cluster does not start. No process is spawned. I get no
errors or indication that a problem occurred:

Starting 2 Mongrel servers…
mongrel_rails start -d -e production -p 8000 -a -P
/opt/apps/subscribe/rails-test-app/shared/ -c
/opt/apps/subscribe/rails-test-app/current --user mongrel–group apps
mongrel_rails start -d -e production -p 8001 -a -P
/opt/apps/subscribe/rails-test-app/shared/ -c
/opt/apps/subscribe/rails-test-app/current --user mongrel --group apps

Does anyone know a way around this problem? I also need to the cluster
to start whenever the machine starts. I am no Linux expert so I am not
sure what my options are. Is sudo access something that I should fight


Hi all,

It turned out it was my fault for 2 reasons:

  1. In the deploy.rb I needed to set :use_sudo to false. Capistrano now
    deploys, and restarts the mongrel clusters successfully.
  2. The user that I was testing at the command line on the Linux box
    was not the user I was using for the deployment and therefor did not
    have the same rights.

I hate making these stupid mistakes.