Deploying 'BaseApp2' using Phushon Passenger?

I’m really sorry for the nooby question, but I’m trying to jump into
Ruby on Rails and I thought starting by tweaking with open source apps
would be the best way to go.

So I’ve downloaded something called BaseApp2
(, and I’m trying
to deploy it so I can view my changes on my web server.

I’ve created a symlink to the public_html directory,enabled Phushon,
raked the db in production (& configured the production environment).
But when I go to the public_html directory and navigate to /public it
shows up as a 404. Is there something that I forgot to configure?

There is also no index.html file in the /public directory.

Again I’m really sorry for the stupid questions. Though I hope that
someone could shed some light. I would be very grateful!

Thanks so much.

You don’t go to /public in the browser, that folder just is where static
assets live. It’s counter-intuitive if you’re coming from other web dev

If you’re using Passenger, that is handled in the Passenger config. If
you’re on a Mac I recommend the Passenger preference pane, makes things
very easy.

Finally, you might want to start with a new app, not an existing one. If
you do rails new xyz (rails 3) on the command line, you’ll get a new app
called xyz. Then go set it up in Passenger, then go to the browser and
make sure you get the “Welcome aboard” message.

Understanding those first few steps is actually probably easier on a new
app than on an existing one.