Deploy ruby on rails application by mongrel ruby-one click for windows from, set up. command:
gem install rails --include-dependencies (success)
3.set up mongrel:
gem install win32-service(pick the most recent one)
gem install mongrel (pick the win32 pre-built)
gem install mongrel_service

all of the above were successful.

then i creat an empty folder “d:\myapp”,run the command:
mongrel_rails service::install -N myapp -c d:\myapp -p 4000 -e

the rusult:the path you specified isn’t a valid Rails application

so what’s the matter?

i am a student in Nanjing Agricultural University,I am learning ruby
and ruby on rails,but there are few books and other materials for
can you help me?

I think you might have missed out the step where you create a valid

After all the gem installs, you should be able to enter:

rails myapp

and that command will set up a valid rails directory.

You should possibly make sure you understand how the rails command works
and use the ‘mongrel_rails start’ and ‘mongrel_rails stop’ commands
learning Rails.