Deploy Radiant via Modproxy

I’d like to host several sites with radiant using mod_proxy+mongrel
instead of FCGI+Webrick. Clearly I’d like to ma several domain to
several mongrel instances. For example:

www.domain1:80 —> mongrel:8100 (site1)
www.domain2:80 —> mongrel:8200 (site2)
and so on…

is this compatible with TextDrive/Dreamhost/Site5 hosting? Or they use
only FCGI+Webrick?

Textdrive uses Apache+FCGI (FCGI and WEBrick don’t go together).
they usually recommend that you request a local port and run lighttpd
instead because it’s more stable. You could, however, run Mongrel as an
alternative to FCGI with lighttpd, I just wouldn’t let it serve static
like images. FYI runs lighttpd with only one FCGI

Sean C.

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