Demo project


I need some Demo Project of ROR to practice on it…Plz anyone help me to
start with ROR.
or send Pdf File With Description.


google rails demo app yields

looks like a good place to start


2012/7/12 Amardeep S. [email protected]

On Thu, Jul 12, 2012 at 7:02 AM, Amardeep S. [email protected]

I need some Demo Project of ROR to practice on it…

Do you mean an existing project, so you can practice understanding
what’s already there? There are lots of open source projects that
would be glad to have some help. (Yes you may be a net drain at
first, but as you learn, you’ll surely make real contributions soon.
Just try to find one with patient enough people to help you through
the initial learning curve.)

Or if you mean an idea for something you can start from scratch as a
project… they’re all around. Find an itch you want to scratch. Is
there some kind of record you want to keep electronically, more
intelligently than a text file or spreadsheet? Like maybe your
recipes, your comic book collection, ballistic results of ammunition
loading experiments, what girls you think are how hot (or boys,
whatever floats your boat), your motorcycle club’s upcoming rides,
etc.? Or maybe you just wish there was some web site that would . . .
do what? Match people up with others near them for all-night high
stakes poker games? Find the nearest restaurant with good reviews
from the top ten sources? Filter your Twitter or Facebook feeds to
weed out the idiots you only followed back because they’re colleagues
to whom you don’t want to reveal what you really think of them? Dream
a dream, then make it happen. To paraphrase a guy you may have heard
of, “Write the web site you wish to see in the world.” :slight_smile:


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