Delphi programmers opinions on Ruby widget libraries : Fox,

Hi folks,

I used to program in Delphi, and was spoiled by its fabulous UI
programming abilities.

I’m now considering learning a widget toolkit. They all have their
pluses and minuses.

But what I would love to know, to help decide, is what Delphi
programmers think of the existing ruby widget libaries.

Any opinions?


Hi Greg,

have you tried the Apollo system?

I’ve been using it for more than half a year now
and I am quite happy with it.

There is almost no documentation, but if you’re
familiar with Delphi, everything seems pretty straightforward.
So I usually use the Delphi help files and browse
the Apollo source code when programming with
unfamiliar VCL classes.

And also, the Apollo developers have been very very
friendly when answering my questions or dealing
with my bug reports.
Yes, Apollo is definitevly not perfect (yet)…

I’d like to know waht you think of it.


By gum, that does look interesting. I’ll get back to you sometime.

So far I’ve found them all equally disappointing. For a while now I’ve
been considering writing a Ruby dfm loader/translator that rides on top
of GTK or Fox. Perhaps I should check out Apollo first, as enduro