Deliveroo - Central London

Hello, we’re Deliveroo. The Kangaroo box on the bikes? Yep, that’s us!
We’re one of the world’s hottest startups, and we’re making huge waves
in the restaurant and logistics industries.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not kangaroo meat in the boxes. It’s
quality food from top-notch restaurants like Ottolenghi, Gaucho’s, or
Busaba. Instead of your local takeaway, we’ll fill your mealtime with
the best cuisine, cooked by the best chefs from around the world. Come
to think of it, sometimes it might be kangaroo meat in the boxes!

How does it work?

Try it out if you haven’t before. Go to our website or open up our iOS
or Android app. You’ll be greeted by one of our suite of products put
lovingly put together by the Deliveroo product and engineering teams.
Once you’ve input your location, we’ll provide a curated list of
restaurants that will deliver to you. Select your items, choose any
modifiers (lemon and herb? Oh come on!) and we’ll take over.
Your order then pings another one of apps that sits on a tablet in the
restaurant with your order, then our dispatch engine, Louie, selects a
Roo (that’s what we call them, the lovely people with the kangaroo boxes
on their bikes) then guides them to the restaurant, and then to your
location, in an average time of 32 minutes with the help of our Rider
app. Those apps, alongside our suite of real time monitoring tools, all
play a critical part in getting that tasty food to you quickly and in
great condition.

So why work for us?

Because a great company needs great people, and great people should work
at a great company, building a great product, in a great office, with a
great deal of food all over the place! Seriously though, you’ll work
with and learn from some of the most talented people in the industry.
We’d love you to come and join us.

What are we keen on?

Training and Development:

We’re all about helping you reach your full potential, and as a
business, we never stop learning. We’ll give you a budget for machinery,
conferences, books, online courses, and whatever else you need to
develop and learn new skills to help keep Deliveroo ahead of the rest.


We’re a global business, so it’s extremely important to us that our team
and environment offer a great environment for all types of people. We’re
not your average startup bro monoculture.

Working effectively:

We encourage each product team to get involved in suggesting the most
effective way to get things done. We utilise best practices to make sure
everything we do is a collective effort, and we encourage everyone to
take an interest of all areas of the business; not a designer, but
you’ve thought of a way to more effectively present a map? The design
team are all ears! No code monkeys here, it’s all part of the whole
“reach your full potential” stuff we mentioned earlier. Have a little
scroll up if you’d like reminding.
Making you comfortable:

Output, not input. It’s not a problem if you need a little leeway in the
way you work, infact if it helps you out, we’re all for it. We’ve got a
cycle to work scheme in place, allow for flexible working hours, and are
happy for you to work from home on occasion.
Having fun!

Come with us as we go searching for Pokemon in Regent’s Park (hopefully
Pokemon Go is still a thing. If not, ping us, and we’ll update this ad),
or take each other on in go-karts. If it’s Monday, chances are somebody
has baked something delicious over the weekend and brought it in to
share with the team. Some of us like to work out in the park at lunch,
some of us prefer to…you know…eat lunch at lunch. We’re a sociable
bunch, and we love to chill out as a team on Friday evenings after a
solid week’s work.

Pride in readable, well-designed, well-tested software
Professional experience with Ruby and Ruby on Rails (2+ years) or be a
very experienced polyglot programmer with the willingness to learn Ruby
Experience with TDD environments (RSpec, Minitest, Capybara, Selenium)
Experience with relational databases (PostGreSQL, MySQL) and key-value
stores (Memcache, Redis)