Deleting images with attachment_fu


I’m trying to delete a user’s profile image that was uploaded with
attachment_fu directly to storage, without going to the view of the
Photo controller.

Basically the model is set up so

user has many photos
photos belong to user

@user = User.find(params[:id])
@photo =[:photo])

there is no problem viewing the photos but i’m trying to have a link
next to the picture in the view of the User controller which would
delete the photo.

i tried:

def destroyphoto
@user = User.find(params[:id])
@photo =[:id])


<%= link_to “delete”, destroyphoto_user_url, :method => :delete %>

but i get the:

Couldn’t find Photo with ID=1 AND (photos.user_id = 1)

the photo’s id isn’t 1 and it’s actually many because of the original
image and the thumbnails.

any ideas?

any ideas?

You shouldn’t be passing in params[:id] in your photos find…
params[:id] is your users_id, not a photo_id.

have you tried just

@photos =

Then you’ll have to iterate across all the photos returned to delete
each one.

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