Deleting associations in variable

Hi all,

Since I cannot get my records in 1 query I query more data than wanted
and delete the rendundand rows afterwards. I’m trying to remove an
association after I queried the database. (This association changes
shouldn’t be comitted to the database)

First I query the database for events and its attendees. Of some
events I want to remove the attendees. I do this via 2 foreach loops
(all events and all attendees in event).

I try to set the attendees to empty by event.attendees = but
sometimes I get an error: RangeError: is recycled object . Also this
seems to delete my records in the database!

Maybe someone has a better apporoach?

@kinds = Kind.find(:all, :select => “distinct id,
value”, :conditions => {:kind => ‘event’} )
events_temp = Event.find(:all, :select => :distinct, :include
=> :attendees, :conditions => [ “events.node_id = ?”,
session[:club_id]], :order => “start DESC” )
@events =
counter = 11
for event in events_temp do
if event.attendees.empty?
event.attendees.each_with_index do |attendee, index|
if (attendee.user_id == session[:user_id])
elsif (event.attendees.count == index + 1)
event.attendees =

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