Default controller in RESTful Rails application


Anyone have any tips for naming relations in a restful way?

My biggest problem using the RESTful approach is coming up with all
controller names for relations that basically are verbs converted to
substantives which sometimes gets pretty ugly. When you read tutorials
they always present you with easy names for relations like “Newspapers
-> Subscriptions -> Users” and “Groups -> Memberships -> Users”. But
my lack of fantasy makes it hard.
For instance; If I would like to have a relation between Groups and
Users I would name it Membership. But if I in the same application
would like the have the same type of relation between Groups and
Groups I can’t use Membership again and have to figure out another
“great” name that basically says the same thing. Because polymorphic
relations lack true support for has_many :through I cant use that
successfully either.

It would be cool to have a long list of really good names for
different controllers like Memberships, Subscriptions. Anyone sitting
on such a list? :slight_smile: