Default Configuration of Mongrel Under script/server

Hey All,

I was curious how I can control the default mongrel configuration when
it is run through the use of ‘script/server’. Is there a way to edit
possibly a default .conf file? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


you can run the mongrel_rails command and then run tail, here are the
options for mongrel_rails:

b@B trunk |mongrel_rails start -h
Usage: mongrel_rails [options]
-e, --environment ENV Rails environment to run as
-d, --daemonize Run daemonized in the background
-p, --port PORT Which port to bind to
-a, --address ADDR Address to bind to
-l, --log FILE Where to write log messages
-P, --pid FILE Where to write the PID
-n, --num-processors INT Number of processors active before
clients denied
-o, --timeout TIME Time to wait (in seconds) before
killing a stalled thread
-t, --throttle TIME Time to pause (in hundredths of a
second) between accepting clients
-m, --mime PATH A YAML file that lists additional
-c, --chdir PATH Change to dir before starting (will
-r, --root PATH Set the document root (default
-B, --debug Enable debugging mode
-C, --config PATH Use a config file
-S, --script PATH Load the given file as an extra
-G, --generate PATH Generate a config file for use with
–user USER
User to run as
–group GROUP
Group to run as
–prefix PATH
URL prefix for Rails app
-h, --help Show this message
–version Show version

something like this:
mongrel_rail start && tail -f log/development.log

is like the script/server command…

hope that helps…