Def initialize


Sometimes we see on code that there’s something like,

def initialize


is written. What does it do? Also, what is class method and instance
method? What is class variable & method variable?

I’m a noob. so, please will anyone answer?

I will answer your question, but please read up on ruby before asking
questions. They are fairly elementary if you take the time to understand
the language.

the Initialize method is the constructor.

class methods are called like this: ClassName.method_name

you can write them like this:

def self.method_name

instance methods are methods on instances of a class

a class variable is a variable that is the same throughout the class
syntax is @@class_variable)

method variables… They could mean the parameters you pass in, or local
variables you create in a method.

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hi Junayeed,

there are lots of good tutorials available online, including but
certainly not limited to:


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