Debugging with eclipse


I have installed ruby1.8.4 and ruby1.8.5 “All in One” Packs with
easyeclipse and and radrails on windows and linux in any combination :D,
but i have allways the same problem:

The Debugging from eclipse with breakpoints dosen’t work for me… :frowning:

It was allways possible to run the HelloWorld Code, but if i start
debugging with or without a breakpoint in eclipse, the IDE just hangs

ruby 1.8.5 debugger listens on …

… and waits for now and ever…until i terminate it.

It seems that it waits for a CMD or just a spin off, but nothing


ruby -r debug HelloWorld.rb

works with all Combos, but for me it is comfortable to set a brakepoint
while codeing und firing the debugger to switch to the point.

Maybe “breakpointer” is an alternative (the only)?

Thx for help…bearing my poor english

hmm, Am I the only one who wants to use eclipse with debugging or the
only one with this problem :smiley:

…Can’t belief because I just use it with defaults like this:

k, I am new to ruby (comeing form PHP) and want to complete my tool
kit, before start working on real projects.

My experience for PHP projects are, that later, if the project grows
over many files a Debugger with breakpoints saves much time and nerves.

What are your opinions?
What are your favorite Editor ( and why )
What are your tools, to avoid stalled development, while seareching a
bug with
“puts” and so on…

so long, thx and greetings

In addition is there an good howto, to start the “remote” debugger from
a console and the necessary Protocol?

Nix Nutz wrote:

In addition is there an good howto, to start the “remote” debugger from
a console and the necessary Protocol?

Anyone got a handle on this issue?

I launch debugger in Ruby eclipse. I have ruby-debug-0.10.3 and
ruby-debug-base-0.10.3-x86-mswin32 gems installed.
This message appears:
‘ruby 1.8.6 debugger listens on port 4985’
but then nothing seems to be happening - ruby thread shows as having
started but the application doesn’t kick off.

I try to start the debugger again and again; suddenly after a very long
time (5-10 minutes usually but can be much longer) the application
starts. After that has happened a number of the dormant threads take off

How do I tell if debugger is installed correctly?
What is blocking execution of the debugger?

These are the Eclipse plugins I have installed: