Debugging Ruby


I am starting chapter 13 or Programming Ruby trying to debug the
following factorial program (in file t.rb) on page 163:

def fact(n)
if n <= 0
n * fact(n -1)

p fact(5)

When I run the command:
ruby -r debug t.rb
Instead of the debugger loading t.rb program, it loads something else
and displays the following output:

C:\RubyPrograms\PickAxeBook>ruby -r debug t.rb
Emacs support available.

c:/ruby/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/ubygems.rb:10:require ‘rubygems’

I am not sure what is happening here. Please note that I am on Windows
XP machine. When I try to list by typing list 1-9, the following output
is displayed. I may have messed up the ruby path loader since I was
messing with it. Why did it persist across the sessions though?

(rdb:1) list 1-9
[1, 9] in c:/ruby/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/ubygems.rb
1 # This file allows for the running of rubygems with a nice
2 # command line look-and-feel: ruby -rubygems foo.rb
3 #–
4 # Copyright 2006 by Chad F., Rich Kilmer, Jim W. and
5 # All rights reserved.
6 # See LICENSE.txt for permissions.

This totally perplexes me. Help!!!


This is getting stranger! I rebooted in Fedora Core 5 Linux (I have a
dual boot machine). Copied the same program from Windows partition and
ran it in Linux. Works perfect!

Any clues on how to troubleshoot on Windows side?
Thanks in advance.


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Any clues on how to troubleshoot on Windows side?


kind regards -botp


Thank you.