Debugging Radiant

Hey all,

I’m an old programmer that’s new to Ruby [on Rails] and Radiant and I’m
having debug trouble. I’m messing with the Back_Door extension and have
idea how to even output debug info to a log file. In other languages I
would use printf() or println() and I think there is a logger function
Ruby but I don’t know how to use it. The other thing I would like to do
breakpoint processing. Generally I like exploring a new language though
debugger and walking through object memory. Things like the “page”
in Radiant is a mystery to me right now. Are there debuggers
interactive) that would help me? How does everyone else (except Sean :slight_smile:
develop Radiant code? Surely not everyone has memorized the entire
model! :slight_smile:



A fast way to output debug info is to just use "puts" in your Ruby

code. The output will go to the console where you started the server
Just put some markers in your output to distinguish it easily from all

You can also write to Rails log directly using the @log object. Then
watch your output with something like “tail -f log/.log”. Or
your own log with
@log object is of this class).

For debugging, i recommend you ,
works great with Rails. I don’t know if there is a GUI on top of that.
"rdebug script/server -e " is the magic command.

Regarding Radiant internals, you can refer to the source code. For
example, this is the Page class:
and the missing details are in the effective DB schema: .

I find myself looking at the standard tags model:
It’s a great source of inspiration.


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