Debugging "failed to start"

This app is frequently “failing to start”. I’ve looked in the
developement log and the fastcgi.crash.log and both have no help for the
problem. Shouldn’t there be messages in the development log to help me
diagnose the problem?

Also I get this in the fastcgi.crash.log:

[25/Nov/2005:15:36:12 :: 6662] starting
[25/Nov/2005:15:36:24 :: 6663] starting
[25/Nov/2005:15:36:34 :: 6664] starting
[25/Nov/2005:15:36:40 :: 6665] starting
[25/Nov/2005:15:36:44 :: 6666] starting
[25/Nov/2005:15:36:46 :: 6667] starting
[25/Nov/2005:15:36:47 :: 6668] starting
[25/Nov/2005:15:36:48 :: 6669] starting
[25/Nov/2005:15:36:49 :: 6670] starting
[25/Nov/2005:15:36:49 :: 6671] starting

And then I think it fails to start.

Why does it try 10 times to start?

I’m the only user of the app and this seems to happen after the app has
not been used for many hours. I have tried deleteing the
/tmp/ruby_sess… files and I’m not sure if this helps or not. usually
it starts ok after the first failure.

Thanks for any help - Rick