Debugger pains

Hi all,

I am testing a script using the built-in debugger (running 1.8.6 -
windows - one click installer version). I want to set a breakpoint on a
particular method. The problem is, my first line is


which causes the debugger to start in the rubygems.rb script. Of course
I don’t want to debug the require script. How can I make the debugger
skip this?

On Mon, Jan 11, 2010 at 15:02, tuti plain [email protected]

skip this?


require ‘rdebug’


i’m not sure about this. check rdebug documentation how exactly write
it. In short,
you can set breakpoints either from debugger ui, or by writing calls
directly in the code.

warning: it’s been long time since I used this, so details might be