Debug the <Tomcat, JRuby-Rack, JRuby> stack?

Hi folks,

Just wanted to check this: is it possible to debug a WAR web
working on top of Tomcat, which uses JRuby and JRuby-Rack adapter ? Of
course, preferably in some convenient IDE, but not necessarily. I just
wanted to sync with you on that, so that if this is not currently
available/possible I do not spend/waste any time to get it to work. Of
course, for the debugging part I mean the .rb Ruby script inside the
and not any Java source codes in JRuby/JRuby-Rack adapter.

Kindest Regards,

just me personal way of doing it but I never did this for rail3.1 or

I have ruby-maven gem installed and run

$ jetty-run

inside the rails application directory which starts the server in
development mode within a jetty using jruby-rack.

if you want a war file do

$ rmvn package

  • Kristian