Debug output / settings for debug sessions

Two questions:

Is it possible, to programmatically print to the debugger?

Is there a configuration file to store a list of commands to be executed
by the debugger at session start?

Hi Fritz T.

I did not understand your question.Do you have doubt in running ruby 

debugger?If it is then in your application write
require ‘ruby-debug’
Then put the below where you want to activate debugger

Now start application as ./script/server --debugger You will be
entered into debugger konsole. There are a number of commands ( example
l for list,etc…) Type help for available ones


Sijo k g wrote:

I did not understand your question.

Sorry for my bad description. I’m still using the debugger and want to
optimize my way to use it.

  1. Rails has a logging facility, which offers methods to write messages
    to the log.

I’m looking for a technique, that doesn’t write debug messages to the
log, but to the debugger window. This would make debuggung more
comfortable by avoiding to retype commands, that are required in many
debug sessions at the same location in the code.

  1. I found, that some set commands entered at the beginning of a debug
    session are very useful.

Is there a possibility to automate entering these commands from a file?