Debug IronRuby in Silverlight

Ok. I give up. I cannot for the life of me getting a simple IronRuby
Silverlight project to debug. I am using VS2008 SP1 and the Silverlight
3 Tools.

These are my steps:

  • Create website using chiron.
  • Set the initparams to debug=true,reportErrors=errorLocation
  • F5
    These last steps I have tried in every order under the sun.
  • Set a breakpoint in my app.rb file
  • Attach to browser
  • Refresh browser

No matter what I do I always get that empty circle with a question mark
for my breakpoint like the symbols never get loaded. I have tried using
both Casini and Chiron when trying to be debug, but nothing works. I
also tried selected the Silverlight checkbox in the website settings for
the debugging and still nothing.

Please help.



It’s a bug; we were not emitting PDBs in Silverlight, by mistake
( This
will be checked in shortly and fixed in the next release.

If you want to fix this yourself now, just remove the “#if !SILVERLIGHT”
and corresponding “#endif” from
then rebuild IronRuby for Silverlight:

msbuild Merlin/Main/Languages/Ruby/Ruby.sln
/p:Configuration=“Silverlight Debug” /p:SilverlightPath=“C:\Program
Files\Microsoft Silverlight\3.0.40818.0”

(make sure that path to Silverlight is correct for you).


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