Deamons.rb: changing the pid directory


Hey folks,

Does anyone know how I can change the directory that the pid file is put
in when using the Daemons gem ( ?



Look in the rdoc documentation for Daemons::Pidfile. If daemons is
installed as a gem, then

gem server --daemon

and point web browser at http://localhost:8808/

Or just read the comments in the source, which will probably be
installed somewhere like


There you will find the following documentation:

=== Where are the Pid-Files stored?

Daemons is configurable to store the Pid-Files relative to three

different locations:

1. in a directory relative to the directory where the script (the

one that is supposed to run

as a daemon) resides (:script option for


2. in a directory given by :dir (:normal option

for :dir_mode)

3. in the preconfigured directory /var/run

(:system option for :dir_mode)