Dealing with Form Data


Google lets me down once again :slight_smile:

Coming from a PHP background I know I can take submitted form data, mix
it, mash it and put it together in very odd ways. In other words do

$title = “My Title”
$sub_title = “My Sub Title”
$full_title = $title . “-” . $sub_table

And submit $full_title to the database. I have yet to find a solution
for this in Rails - I know there is one but being new to all this I am
probably just missing it. Basically I want to take form data - mash it
together and then submit it to the database.

Does this go in def create? If not where. Thanks.



Grab them while they are still params.

@record.full_title = params[:title] + “-” + params[:sub_title]


In the controller, take the form data directly into
the model. Put the temporary data into non-DB backed
attributes, then call a method to mix and mash the
form data into the DB backed attributes.

– Tom M.