Dcell 0.10.0: actor-based distributed objects for Ruby

DCell is a distributed object framework for Ruby based on Celluloid and
which makes it easy to build distributed systems in Ruby using familiar
object oriented designs:

DCell is a subcomponent of Celluloid. You can read more about Celluloid

DCell 0.10.0 brings a number of exciting new developments. It now
a distributed gossip protocol contributed by Joe Hosteny, which means
are no longer any external service dependencies you need to install in
order to start using it.

This release includes DCell Explorer, a web UI and basic dashboard for
DCell clusters:

DCell now runs a basic information service for obtaining hardware, OS,
Ruby VM info:

For more information on DCell, please check out the blog post on it I
published today:

Full changelog:

  • DCell::Explorer provides a web UI with Reel
  • Info service at DCell::Node#[:info]
  • Distributed gossip protocol, now default adapter
  • Support for marshaling Celluloid::Futures
  • Cassandra registry
  • Initial DCell::NodeManager
  • celluloid-zmq split out into a separate gem
  • Use Celluloid.uuid for mailbox and call IDs