Dc offset is different from unit to unit

Hi list,
I need to compensate usrp dc offset. but the dc offset is different
from unit to unit. so do I need to calibrate each unit dc offset or
there is a universal value that work
for each unit?



In the case of DC calibration for tx, we’d recommend running the dc
calibration routines provided with UHD for each unit. The cal routines
make it a relatively easy process.

In theory, if the average DC offset is non-zero you may be able to apply
an average correction and see some improvement - but less than a
per-unit calibration. I don’t have have any data on hand for an average
DC offset.

I’m cross-posting to the usrp-users list, which is more oriented to USRP
specific questions.

Best Regards
John M.

Hi John,
Thanks. But how to deal with rx dc offset?