DBSRX Daughterboard on USRP2


Recently (December 2009) the group I was working with purchased a USRP2
and DBSRX daughterboard for GPS reception work. A few days ago, while
working on getting everything set up and logging data, I ran into
problems receiving data; the USRP2 (using usrp2_fft.py as well as GRC)
wouldn’t accept and frequency values above 200Mhz (whereas the listed
range of the DBSRX is 800MHz to 2.4GHz).

From what I’ve gathered from searching this mailing list, the DBSRX
hardware must be modified to work with the USRP2 (
http://gnuradio.org/redmine/wiki/1/USRP2DBSRXModification ), and this
modification requires a USRP1 as well as soldering work. As far as I can
tell, this is what’s causing the problem.

First of all, I don’t have the tools or know-how to make the hardware
modification, and second, I have no access to a USRP1 to modify the

So basically, is there any way I could purchase an already modified
USRP2-compatible DBSRX daughterboard?

Some notes about the setup I’m using:

Acer Aspire 5670 w/ Ubuntu 9.04 installed

The DBSRX daughterboard is listed as “Rev. 2.2”
The SD Card for the USRP2 came with “2009 1209” written on the case
(assuming that that’s the installed firmware)

GNU Radio:
Installed using the binary package (about a week ago) using: