Db:migrate:engines task not found


I’m using Rails 1.1.2 and Engines 1.1.x successfully on my main dev
machine. Since initial setup and boostratpping, I’ve frozen gem rails.

Now I checked out the same project on a second dev machine with the same
version of Ruby and even Rails 1.1.2 installed as a gem as on the other
machine. Unfortunately, the rake db:migrate:engines task is not

rake -T returns the full set of RoR 1.1.2 namespaced tasks and some of
the old, non-namespaced engines rake tasks, including the
import_*_engine_schema tasks and bootstrap… but not the engines
migration one in either form, namespaced or not.

The import_*_engine_schema tasks fail with

rake aborted!
undefined method `config’ for LoginEngine:Module

The posted solution to some similar issues is to modify the path in
logn_engine/init_engine.rb but this doesn’t work. I get the same error.

How do I proceed? My app has later migrations that add fields to the
users table so migrating the app first before tackling this, or
inserting the engine migrations into my initial app migrations (which
have already been run elsewhere) isn’t an attractive option.