DB2 UDB connectivity


I have a second shot at getting our dpt to use Ruby now that the ‘perl
guy’ has left, but i’m back to the original hurdle that stopped us from
using this previously.
Basically, I cannot connect to DB2 and have tried ALL the scripts and
suggestions from Sam Ruby, blade.nagaokaut.ac.jp etc and none seem to
I have Perl installed and working with DB2, so I know that I have all
the necessary DB2 files and also have the Express-C DB2 database on my
laptop - but i don’t like the look of all that syntax stuff.
I’m not a ‘coder’ so it’s probably something really stupid with the
DB2DIR path definition.
This was the last extconf code I tried - and I have tried every ‘/’ ‘’
‘//’ format possible as per the suggestions:

require “mkmf”

DB2LIB = “db2cli”
DB2DIR = “C:/Program Files/IBM/SQLLIB”

dir_config( “db2”, DB2DIR + “/include”, DB2DIR + “/lib” )

if have_header(“sqlcli.h”) and have_library(DB2LIB, “SQLConnect”)
create_makefile “db2cli”
raise “abort”

here’s your chance to help spread ruby lol
i.e. please help