DB2 AS400 JDBC driver

Anyone know who make the modifications for ARJDBC 1.1.1 for the DB2
adapter? I am having several problems with this version and could sure
use some help sorting through the issues.

I do NOT have problems with the driver in JRuby 1.4.0 and ARJDBC 0.9.2
so there have been some fundamental changes that have broken the jdbc
driver. Perhaps it is changes to Rails 3.0 that are causing the issues
but I could use some direction and collaboration.


Pete H.
Value Added Software, Inc

Hi Pete,

I also experienced some issues when updating to > 1.0, though I am using
the DB2 adapters AS400 functionality. We have made a number of monkey
patches to get some things working correctly. One of the big changes
that caught us was treating decimal 5 as a boolean (check in
ArJdbc::DB2::Column.simplified_type). Another change was not casting
times to actual timestamps (check ArJdbc::DB2::Column.cast_to_time).

I believe the majority of the changes were made by Nicholas J. Kreucher,
and he may be available on this list to help.


Brandon H.

The problems I am having are pretty fundamental. I get a
SCHEMA_MIGRATIONS table not found error and when I switch the adapter.rb
script back to the 0.9.2 version I get a primary_key error. It may have
something to do with capitalization (or not).

Real easy to reproduce for me: Just follow the Rails 3 getting started
guide found here: http://guides.rubyonrails.org/getting_started.html
and use the latest jRuby and ARJDBC and the DB2 jdbc adapter. I can’t
get it to work from Windows (7 ultimate 64 bit) or from the PASE
(QShell) environment on IBM i. Same error. Different JVM’s but the same

If I knew how to debug code, especially the AR stuff, I might be able
to solve this on my own. But I am not enough of a rubyist to do that so
I have to rely on someone with more knowledge. It is something
fundamental, I just don’t know what.

Pete H.
Value Added Software, Inc

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