Db setup,active record

my app has user, photo, and state models.
a user belongs to a state and thusly has a state_id field,
a user has many photos.
I have the photos view set up as the home page.
I am trying to set up a select tag and form tag to filter through the
photos by which state is selected.
My files are:


<%= form_tag photos_path, :method => ‘get’ do%>

      <%= select("state", "name", State.all.collect(&:name)) %>
<%= submit_tag "State" %>

<% end %>


if (params[:state] )
statesmen = State.find_by_name(params[:state][:name]).users
statesmen.each do |person|
@photos = @photos << Photo.where(:user_id => person.id)
else …

My questions are 1
Is there a better way to collect the photos? Theres gotta be. Should I
just give the photo a state_id field?

and 2
Why can’t I do it this way

On Sunday, July 29, 2012 12:08:09 AM UTC+1, Ruby-Forum.com User wrote:

if (params[:state] )

If you added a has_many :photos, :through => :users associations to
then you should be able to do state.photos

and 2
Why can’t I do it this way

Well you haven’t said what’s not working, but at a guess it’s because
you’re just assigning to @photos again and again rather than addinging
individuals results together