DB export, then import


I’m developping a little application on my computer (Windows Vista). It
I did put it on my Unix server (production) and started the ruby server.
It works fine.
But of course there’s no data :).

How can I export the data from my developpement DB (local Windows) to my
production DB (distant Unix)?

Thank you!



You’ll want to refer to your databases documentation for creating a
dump and importing it.


On Wed, Oct 29, 2008 at 4:55 PM, Thierry D.
[email protected] wrote:

production DB (distant Unix)?

Thank you!


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It’s different for every kind of database. Which database server are
you using on your Vista machine?

On Oct 29, 4:55 pm, Thierry D. <ruby-forum-incom…@andreas-

Alex Malinovich wrote:

It’s different for every kind of database. Which database server are
you using on your Vista machine?

On Oct 29, 4:55�pm, Thierry D. <ruby-forum-incom…@andreas-

what happened to sqldump ?

I guess I was tired yesterday, my message wasn’t very clear.
The databases I’m using are sqlite3.
So looking for “How to create a dump with sqlite3”, I fund and executed:

sqlite3 mydb > mydb.dump

Well, it worked out fine. Watching inside the mydb.dump file I realized
there’s a bunch of CREATE TABLE so I deleted them manually since I
already executed ‘rake db:migration’ on the server.

I just couldn’t finish the migration because my Unix server tells me
that I have to install sqlite3 when I’m trying to do

cat mydb.dump | sqlite3 mydb_unix.sqlite3

The strange thing is sqlite3 was supposed to be installed on the server
and the site seems to work… I’ll have to find that out.

Thanks for all the answers.


Sorry, the following line

sqlite3 mydb > mydb.dump

should be

sqlite3 mydb .dump > mydb.dump

For the rest it worked out fine for me.

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