DB Code Optimization

Hi, I have the following tables:

  • users
    – id
    – username

  • questions
    – id
    – asker_id
    – question_text

  • answers
    – id
    – answerer_id
    – answer_text

And I wanna make a query to get all questions, with the username who
asked, and all question answers. I made the code but please tell me if
is a good practice:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
has_many :questions
class Question < ActiveRecord::Base
validates :question_text, presence: true
belongs_to :user, foreign_key: “asker_id”
has_many :answers

class Answer < ActiveRecord::Base
belongs_to :question
belongs_to :user, foreign_key: “answerer_id”
@questions = Question.joins(:user).joins(‘LEFT JOIN answers on
answers.question_id = questions.id’).order(id: ‘desc’).group(:id)
A user can:

Have more questions

A question can:

Have more answers