Day of week but stored as number in the DB

I have a ‘day’ column in one of my models. This is stored in the DB as
an integer value 1…7. I want this field to appear as a string whenever
it appears in a view
e.g. if the DB has stored 1 I want the view to display ‘Monday’
2 => Tuesday etc. etc.

How is this done in Rails? The value in the DB needs to be originally
set by the user using a drop down list with the options Monday…Sunday.

Basically, the user always needs to interact with a day string, but I
always want to store the corresponding integer in the DB.
Thanks in advance

You can create a DAYS_OF_THE_WEEK constant in config/environment.rb
and reference this in your application. To get the relevant day of the
week just do DAYS_OF_THE_WEEK[variable].


DAYS_OF_THE_WEEK = %w[sunday monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday

=> “monday”

Thanks for the help. I guess I can then use the following as the
choices in the selection list (in order to get the correct id passed in
the params):

DAYS_OF_THE_WEEK_CHOICES = DAYS_OF_THE_WEEK.map_with_index{|day,i|
day.to_a << i}

FYI, there’s already a constant defined in Ruby’s Date class:


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