Daughter board driver

Hi all,

I am writing a UHD driver for a new daughter board. I am having some
problem regarding the GPIO/ATR register settings. I am able to use the
daughter board with USRP1, but not with USRP2. With USRP2, I think,
uhd_fft.py just shows noise.

In the receiver class (inherited from rx_dboard_base), I am setting
registers like this -

#define TX_EN          (1 << 6)

this->get_iface()->set_clock_enabled(dboard_iface::UNIT_RX, true);
this->get_iface()->set_gpio_out(dboard_iface::UNIT_RX, TX_EN );
this->get_iface()->set_gpio_ddr(dboard_iface::UNIT_RX, TX_EN );

//setup the rx atr (this does not change with antenna)

dboard_iface::ATR_REG_IDLE, 0);
dboard_iface::ATR_REG_FULL_DUPLEX, TX_EN);

this->get_iface()->set_pin_ctrl(dboard_iface::UNIT_RX, TX_EN);

But, USRP1 also works when I comment this piece of code. Can some one
me out with this?

I dont know much about the GPIO and ATR registers. Can some one point me
some documents?

Sriharsha P…