DateTime optionally containing microseconds

Hi all,

I’m sending DateTimes over soap to JADE agent system.

If I send over it is accepted fine… and ends up as:


However, if I convert a Rails model field to datetime and send it over
its of class DateTime but loses the microseconds. Which my SOAP
server inconveniently requires to be present.


ends up as:


And is rejected.

I was able to get @seller.deadline.to_datetime to be accepted by
adding the microsecond portion of to it. But that seems
like an awful hack.

How do I ensure a given DateTime such as the one extracted from a
rails model is alays sent with the microsecond portion present over


    obj =
    obj.wiredump_dev = STDERR if $DEBUG

    time_periods =
    #time_periods[0] =

(@seller.deadline.to_datetime, @seller.openingOffer, @seller.alpha,
@seller.umin, @seller.deadline.to_datetime)
time_periods[0] =
(@seller.deadline.to_datetime +,
@seller.openingOffer.to_f, @seller.alpha, @seller.umin,

    p time_periods[0]

    parameters = {
      :sellerID => @seller.sellerID,
      :maxPossPrice => @seller.openingOffer.to_f,
      :itemID => @seller.itemID,
      :deadline =>,
      :timePeriods => time_periods

    puts obj.clientGatewayCreateNewSeller(parameters)