Date_select intercept in model

Hi there!

Currently im using date_select to select a day and month of the year.
But i’m hiding the year since it is not important. But when i try to
save to the database the controller complains that the year is
missing. Can i set the year to for example in the model?

date_select(“timesheet”, “date”, :discard_year =>
true, :use_short_month => true)

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Can you post the error message that you’re receiving?


Hi, it seems that date(1i) is missing and that is why i get the error.
But i would like to set the year in the model and use create in the
controller instead of new where i can manually set the year.

ActiveRecord::MultiparameterAssignmentErrors in
1 error(s) on assignment of multiparameter attributes

Parameters: {“commit”=>“Spara”, “timesheet”=>{“time”=>“44”,
“bc_project_id”=>“855290”, “date(2i)”=>“1”, “date(3i)”=>“31”,
“description”=>“dfdfdf”, “user_id”=>“1”}}