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I am using date_select for when a post is being submitted. This is the
tag i use in my view,

<%= date_select(“post”, “date”, :order => [:month, :day])%>

However this outputs

this is probably the way its meant to be, but i cant get it to submit it
to the db colum, date.
Is there a way of getting it to output


Thanks Will

i hope some answers your problem too…i’ve got the same issue…and i
keep getting a multiparamete assignment error…dave

The :prefix parameter sets the name. From the documentation:

:prefix - overwrites the default prefix of “date” used for the select
names. So specifying “birthday” would give birthday[month] instead of
date[month] if passed to the select_month


dave wrote:

<%= date_select(“post”, “date”, :order => [:month, :day])%>

Thanks Will

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