Date parsing issues


I’m having problem at the moment trying to parse a date. I’m reading in
2 dates from the view and want to search a DB for records between the 2

The 2 dates I read are in the format ‘%d.%m.%Y’, e.g. 22.04.2009
The dates in the DB are stored as VARCHAR in the format ‘%Y/%m/%d

I’ve set the default date in environments.db as follows:
:default => ‘%d.%m.%Y’

I’ve tried parsing the 2 dates as follows:

However the result is incorrect for my locale.
If I read in a date ‘12.04.2009’ I would get the following output:
2009/12/04, when what I want is 2009/04/12. It’s getting the day and
month mixed. The Locale on my machine is correct and the timezone in the
environments.db is set to UTC.

Thanks Dmitry!
I was getting a little confused with the date formatting and parsing.


All setting you’ve set affect only date formatting but not parsing.
And unfortunately it seems that there are no clean way to parse
DD.MM.YYYY dates in Ruby. But there is a dirty way:

put it in some initializer

class << Date
alias _parse_without_eu_format _parse
def _parse(str, comp = false)
str = str.to_s
str = “#{$3}-#{$2}-#{$1}” if /(\d{2}).(\d{2}).(\d{4})/ =~ str
_parse_without_eu_format(str, comp)

class << Date
def try_parse(string, default = nil)
components = ParseDate.parsedate(string)
components.first ? new(*components[0…2]) : default

then the dates will be parsed correctly

p Date.parse(“22.04.2009”)
p Date.parse(“04/22/2009”)