Date not changing

I run Apache/2.2.8 (FreeBSD), mongrel_cluster (1.0.5) and mongrel
(1.1.3) The app I have issues with is a Rails 1.2.6 app.

In one controller I have a before filter that sets the month, year
variables to the current month and year if it’s not passed in the
request. The problem that I now have, after changing to the above
configuration from a lighttpd/fast-cgi), is that the date doesn’t get
Lets say I restart mongrel today all is fine but if I let it run
untill tomorrow I still get the date of yesterday.

As I also mentioned - this is a new behavior I see after I migrated to

Any ideas?


I had a similar problem, however it wasn’t a mongrel issue but
stupidity on my part.
My date variables were being cached at startup, I had been setting a
constant to date values.

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