Date intervals for graphs


I’m in a position where I have to create dynamic date based Line graphs.
By dynamic I mean the start and end dates are variable and the output
should depend on the time period.

For example if the date interval is 7 days I would have to display 7
points of data. If the date interval is 100 days I would have to display
it by months since 100 points of data would be too much. It has to be
grouped somehow.

Is there a library that does this automatically?

If not, what would be the best solution for such a problem?

I was thinking making 1 data point = 1 day. Then arbitrarily choose that
I want to display a max amount of 15 points per graph. Get the data for
those 15 points and plot the graph according to that.

What problems could appear with this version?

On Jun 23, 2008, at 3:24 PM, Marcelo B. wrote:


gruff or GoogleCharts, perhaps?

The grouping part (and the criteria for going from discrete to
“grouped” points) would be up to you.


Rob B.
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On Jun 23, 3:24 pm, Marcelo B. [email protected] wrote:


Why is 100 points too much? If your graph will be 200 pixels wide or
more, you’ve got room for them.