Date Format mm/dd/yyyy

Hello, we have a Ruby script and are having problems with the date format. The required format is mm/dd/yyyy. The result is mm dd yyyy. The slashes are missing.

Here are the 2 lines in the script:
FORMAT(bhdb_bill_dt1, ‘MM/dd/yyyy’) AS Statement_Date,
FORMAT(bhdb_due_dt1, ‘MM/dd/yyyy’) AS Due_Date

For example the result should be 03/21/2022, but we are getting 03 21 2022

We are using Ruby version 2.6.5p114

Appreciate any help you can offer!

Hi rubenube!
In case you’re returning a DateTime object, you can do something like:

your_variable.strftime("%Y/%m/%d ")

Anyways, the syntax you’re sharing above looks like SQL. Could you provide more details of your script?