Datamapper/CSV sync problem

I’m trying to optimize synchronizing a DataMapper store to a csv file
capture. I want to destroy all records that gets deleted from the daily
csv file I’m reading. Currently, I’m just using a boolean field called
touch, and setting it to false before reading the file, setting it to
true when I see the record, then destroying all ‘touched = false’
records when I’m done.

Needless to say, this doesn’t scale well with 300k lines of CSV. There
an easier way that I’m missing?


I solved this more or less in the same way, but I do not have to set a
flag in advance.

class ImportRun
include DataMapper::Resource
property :id,Serial
has n, :imported_items

def import
each_csv_attributes do |attributes|
attributes[:import_run] = self
item = Item.get(attributes.fetch(‘id’))
unless item
item =
item.attributes = attributes
Item.all(:import_run.not => self).destroy

class ImportedItem
include DataMapper::Resource

property :id,Serial

belongs_to :import_run

This way I can also save some metrics in the ImportRun. Hopefully this
helps you.



I think I’m going to use this. Thanks!

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