DataMapper 0.2.5 Release

Bug-fix release.

Some minor API changes and enhancements (MyModel#[] only accepts a
primary key now, not an options hash).

database.get (equiv to AR’s find_by_id) is approximately 25% faster
than previous.

No longer must you inherit from DataMapper::Base. Instead now you can
include the DataMapper::Persistence module in your models (::Base is
preserved for backwards compatibility).

– 0.2.5

  • has_one bugfixes
  • Added syntax for setting CHECK-constraints directly in your
    properties (Postgres)
  • You can now set indexes with :index => true and :index => :unique
  • Support for composite indexes (thanks to Jeffrey G.)
  • Add composite scope to validates_uniqueness
  • Added private/protected properties
  • Remove HasOneAssociation, Make HasManyAssociation impersonate
    has_one relationships
  • Added #get method
  • Persistence module added, inheriting from DataMapper::Base no longer