Database localization in Rails 3.0: best practices?

Hi, I’m working on a project that has to be localized into 4 different
languages. I have no problem localizing the non-database-driven
strings, but there is some database content that also requires
localization. For instance, one of the fields is a list of different
types of injuries. Users of this database need the ability to add to
the list. A translator will work in parallel to convert the entries to
the other languages. The list of injuries will appear as
a :collection_select on forms in the app. The languages are Pashto,
Urdu, Arabic, and English.

What is the best way to approach localization of columns in the
database and have it serve the proper entries based on the language
parameter in the URL (or default to English)?


Take a look at this

This worked well, thanks. As a followup, is it possible to embed
hyperlinks in the YAML localization files? The raw HTML displays to
the page when I try. For example, if I have a localized string called
suggested_followup: I would like to do:

suggested_followup: "Please visit Google for more information.

suggested_followup: "Arabic version Google of the same string.