Database design suggestion required

Hi all,

I have an requirement of parsing an xml to db.

XML file has a schema and it is subjected to change over a period of
I want to know how to map this xml to Database table.

Is this something like XSD to Dynamic class to ActiveRecord. I am new to
this. How can I do this please suggest the me the methodology to follow
the gems can I use.


It is expected to be indexable? What parts of it?

I don’t know precisely how you can do it - but ruby has a built in XML
parser for databases.
Though changing schema over time is a bit annoying (and bad practices as
well in my opinion) You can’t set up your database to deal with a

On Sunday, November 2, 2014 3:01:41 PM UTC, Gane R wrote:

the gems can I use.

If the attributes will change over time then you’ll either have to write
migrations for this as it happens or use some form of serialization for
variable data ( hstore or json in postgres, rails serialization etc.).
worth considering whether a relational model is the best fit for your