Database access problem in different servers

 i have two machines are called mpfslice1, mpfslice2. The two slices

are in different location.
mpfslice1 have weekrep_dev database and rails project called weekreport.
If weekreport connects with weekrep_dev database and it is working fine.

mpfslice2 have another rails project called monthreport.but mpfslice2
haven’t database… So i want to connect weekrep_dev(mpfslic1) database
for monthreport project in mpfslice2.

I couldn’t access the database weekrep_dev(mpfslic1) though i have
provided right infomation in monthreport’s database.yml.

i got some informations from articles,In that article the pointed out
the followings,

1)if u want to access database from one machine to another, you should
open database port…and then try with database.yml.
but i am sure i cant able to open the port.

2)try with Web request and response between two slice ie… write
webservice in mpfslice1.
send request for model resultset from mpfslice2 to mpfslice1 and get

But still i don have the clear ideas about this.please help me and give
me a sloution as well as some suggestions for
this problem.