Data Warehousing

Are the transcripts from RailsConf 2006 available? I’m specifically
looking for the data warehousing talk from Ken Kunz.

I’ve looked at the ActiveWarehouse plugin, but have not completely
grokked what is going on there yet.

I was hoping to read through, or listen to, Ken’s talk from the
conference. It sounds exactly like the information I’m looking for.
I’m just looking for the proper way to implement the warehouse star
schema inside of rails.


Implementing the schema is fairly easy…you have a model for each of
you dimensions and model for each of your facts. The facts will have
foreign keys which reference the dimensions that are connected to that
fact. You can and should reuse dimensions.

AW works on top of AR and adds additional functionality like auto
creation of aggregation storage tables, UI helpers, etc.

If you would like to talk about ActiveWarehouse or data warehousing in
general then feel free to email me directly or join the
ActiveWarehouse mailing list.

Anthony E.

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schema inside of rails.

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