Data from adc


Is there a way to get the data from ADC directly? I can find some
examples to get it with using FFT, however without FFT, I wonder how it
can be gotten.




Do you mean directly after it is sampled, before any of the DDC
functions? Then the answer is no. You will have to decimate by a
factor of at least 4 when using real sampling and 8 when using complex
sampling to be able to get the data over the USB link (for the USRP1).


Sebastiaan H.
Radar Remote Sensing Group, University of Cape Town, South Africa
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Thanks Sebastiaan. Now I know what the decimation means. Then, if I
decimate by 4 or 8, how I can get the sampled values before reaching fft
bins. What I want to do is to measure the noise power.